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Track 1
Advances in Software Development
Get insight into the latest evolution in the design and development of Bluetooth software. This track offers intensive instructional take-away information as the newest tools in the industry are explained and
evaluated. This is must-hear information for the software developer
and hardware engineer.

Educational sessions will address:
  • Interception, jamming and security challenges
  • Adding mobility to the PAN—the technology behind piconets and scatternets
  • Bluetooth Service Discovery Protocol
  • Development of the various profiles—print, image, voice, IP and music
  • Testing and quality assurance strategies
Track 2
Bluetooth in Action:
Application Development
Learn how to make critical choices about your development environment, and evaluate the benefits and trade-offs represented by off-the-shelf modules and rapid application-development tools on the market today. This track explores the challenges that lie ahead for the commercial Bluetooth developer.

Sessions and presentations will feature:
  • Evaluation of commercial software modules, APIs, SDKs and programming environments such as Java 2 for Bluetooth development
  • Bluetooth solutions for rich media—voice, image, video
  • Examination of the use of dedicated devices for specific applications to provide cost-effective Bluetooth solutions
Track 3
Hardware Implementations
Discover how to deal with the unique duality of Bluetooth hardware design. This track addresses the implementation of both the silicon-level hardware components and the actual product hardware. Software developers and hardware engineers can get practical information from experts in the industry. In-depth technical sessions will cover topics such as:
  • Chipset architecture choices
  • Product design and component integration
  • Packaging challenges posed by RF interference, antenna, power, and size demands and constraints
  • Host constraints: Processing power/memory, implementation size, cost, performance
  • ISM band coexistence issues and Bluetooth voice channel performance
Track 4 Creating an Industry: Business Development and Opportunities
Learn from vertical-market leaders how Bluetooth wireless technology can be effectively applied across a wide variety of industries. This track is invaluable for those who seek profitable applications for Bluetooth wireless technology.
Speakers will focus on these opportunities:
  • Bluetooth wireless technology in the broadband home environment
  • Industrial, commercial and mobile-worker product opportunities
  • Heterogeneous wireless networks: Creating end-to-end wireless solutions
  • Delivering digital video to PDA
Track 5
Bluetooth Market and Industry Case Studies
Hear from the actual implementers of Bluetooth wireless technology as they discuss their business processes and candidly share advice and lessons learned. This track offers “how-to-do-it” instruction from those who have already successfully implemented the technology. Hear the valuable lessons learned from the implementers in:
  • Automotive
  • Retail
  • Hotel
  • Manufacturing
  • Consumer electronics
To see the Pre-Conference Seminar, click here.