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The Bluetooth Developers Conference
The largest, most comprehensive Bluetooth
educational event in the world

Join a community of Bluetooth professionals for three days of...

  • EDUCATION: Learn from more than 100 hours of instructional and informative sessions led by Bluetooth specialists. The faculty for this Conference includes technical experts from market-leading companies, including Nokia, Microsoft, Philips, Motorola, Intel, Agere, Silicon Wave, Red-M, IBM andToshiba.

  • INFORMATION: Get the latest insight into important issues such as security, coexistence, mobility and adoption. From the keynote speakers to the expert panels in Q&A sessions, you'll learn about Bluetooth hardware and software development challenges and solutions, new processes, development tools, software protocols and profiles, and tips on how to get your product to market faster. All content for this Conference has been created with the guidance of the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG).

  • DEMONSTRATION: Experience the largest showcase of Bluetooth products and solutions in the country on the Exhibit floor. Watch live product demonstrations, and examine the latest Bluetooth wireless technology, up close and personal.

  • NETWORKING: Gather with other professionals in the Bluetooth community, and exchange new ideas, solutions and information.
The Program Design

The Bluetooth Developers Conference addresses the diverse range of users in the Bluetooth industry. Sessions are divided into five comprehensive tracks, each of which examines the core competencies required for:

  • Core software design—protocols and standards
  • Application development—profiles for wireless interaction points such as voice, data, image and audio
  • Hardware design—from silicon to packaging
  • Market opportunities—business development insights
  • Real-life case studies—lessons learned from early adopters
Who Should Attend

The conference is open to everyone interested in Bluetooth wireless technology. Industries that will be represented include aerospace, automotive, consumer electronics, communications, healthcare, computer hardware and software manufacturers, hardware and software developers, networking vendors and silicon vendors.