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Accredited Media Participation Booth Management New Product Listings Pre-registered Media List Press Conferences PR Contact Form Thinking Ahead Working Media/Analyst Facility Writing a Press Release The Right Way to Use a Media List Holding a Press Conference PR Timetable Before scheduling a press conference, determine if your news is interesting enough to pull media off of the exhibit floor. Most media that attend a larger event have long action lists during the week and need to justify taking time away from their busy schedules. Is this information something they will be able to pull out of a press release or off your Web site at a later date, or is there a unique aspect of your press conference? Consider performing a product demo, providing samples (ex. demo CDs) or having a member of your executive staff on hand to make this a unique opportunity for the media. Otherwise, you may want to consider scheduling short, one-on-one meetings in your booth with key media prior to the show.

Try to hold your press conference at a convenient time for media. In the morning they may be under pressure to cover the keynote presentation and exhibit floor, while in the later afternoon they may be on deadline. Also, media sometimes begin to travel back to their home offices on Thursday or Friday, so earlier in the week may be more convenient for those editors on tight schedules.

If you decide to hold your press conference at lunchtime, consider catering it. Media will appreciate your hospitality and concern for their time.

Keep your press conference brief, informative and creative to make it as valuable and time-effective as possible for attending media. In addition, give media some take-away materials or concise press kits that they can reference after the presentation.

Promote, Promote, Promote! Sending a mailing to key media that you would like to see attend your press conference, then follow-up with a phone call to see if they will actually be attending, or if someone from their publication would be willing to go in their place. Also, use your Web site to post this event for media who may visit your site for company information. Heavy promotion can be the difference between hosting a well-attended presentation and speaking to an empty room.