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Accredited Media Participation Booth Management New Product Listings Pre-registered Media List Press Conferences PR Contact Form Thinking Ahead Working Media/Analyst Facility Writing a Press Release The Right Way to Use a Media List Holding a Press Conference PR Timetable Via the Web, you will have access to a comprehensive industry media list, containing the top-tier media contacts representing a broad range of media organizations. While a comprehensive target list will be posted at first, this list will be updated with the pre-registered media lists, once pre-registration has begun. (Access instructions and passwords will be sent via e-mail prior to the list going live.) By using these lists, you are better positioned to facilitate your messaging in a timely manner. More importantly, we have elected to provide you with the phone, fax and e-mail address of these contacts.

The media list that Key3Media Events provides exhibitors should be used to supplement your database of media. You should examine this list to determine which of your key publications/media cover the event, which editors may attend, and how to contact these individuals.

This media list is extensive and should be narrowed-down for your use. Determine which publications you are most interested in and contact those editors by mail, fax, phone or email. Rather than mass-mail to the full media list, be selective and target the press that cover your market/niche (ex. Video Gaming Magazine will not be interested in integrated business applications).

In these phone calls/mailings/faxes, set your company or product apart what makes your company or product unique and why should this member of the media take interest in your activities at the event?

KNOW YOUR MEDIA AND DO YOUR HOMEWORK! Do not solely rely on the Key3Media Events Media List. Make sure you create and "work" your own list of top-tier media/publications to insure maximum exposure/coverage for your company before, during and after the event.