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Accredited Media Participation Booth Management New Product Listings Pre-registered Media List Press Conferences PR Contact Form Thinking Ahead Working Media/Analyst Facility Writing a Press Release The Right Way to Use a Media List Holding a Press Conference PR Timetable Think ahead and pay special attention to the way you deliver information to the media. Each member of the media has a way he/she prefers to receive information, whether it is by mail, fax, e-mail or telephone. Knowing this preference will give you a better chance at getting coverage for your company. As you develop a relationship with your targeted media, simply ask them how they like to receive information. Many companies now offer media database services that regularly update information researching these preferences. Be sure to keep in mind that many journalists will automatically delete emails with attachments, for fear of computer viruses.

Know the lead times of the publications you want to target. Many publications have editorial calendars that can be obtained by a telephone call. Lead times can vary from a few days to a few months.

Always remember that the media operate on strict deadlines. If you receive a voice mail or message from a member of the media, return the call immediately. Prompt response and cooperation will increase your chances of getting your company coverage and put you in good standing as a reliable source with the reporter/writer.