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Accredited Media Participation Booth Management New Product Listings Pre-registered Media List Press Conferences PR Contact Form Thinking Ahead Working Media/Analyst Facility Writing a Press Release The Right Way to Use a Media List Holding a Press Conference PR Timetable The Working Media Facilities Room is provided for the exclusive use of the analysts and media to write and file stories. Many journalists use this area to review materials and prepare their articles.

For most events, an exhibiting company sponsors the Working Media Facilities Room and provides the equipment used by the media. Our Working Media Facilities Room sponsor contributes hardware, which includes modem capabilities along with operating systems; numerous word processing and communication applications and faxing abilities; and Internet access. The sponsor also provides technical consultants to answer any questions journalists may have concerning the equipment. Interested in sponsoring the Working Media Facilities Room for this event? For opportunities, please contact your show sales representative at 650-578-6900.

The Working Media Facilities Room is managed by members of the Bluetooth Developers Conference PR staff, who are there to provide the media and analysts with important event information and assist them in finding the “hot” stories at the event. We supply them with new product and exhibitor PR contact information, keynote abstracts, photographs and any other relevant show information we receive from exhibitors.

Please note that the Media/Analyst Facility room is an area for journalists and analysts ONLY. Exhibitors/sponsors/promoters are unable to access this area.