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Accredited Media Participation Booth Management New Product Listings Pre-registered Media List Press Conferences PR Contact Form Thinking Ahead Working Media/Analyst Facility Writing a Press Release The Right Way to Use a Media List Holding a Press Conference PR Timetable Always indicate the name and phone number of the appropriate public relations contact at the top of your press release, in case editors/analysts want additional information or would like to verify facts. You can also consider listing an email address for the contact, if appropriate. Make sure you include your companyís booth number at the event and the on-site public relations contact in this section as well.

Indicate whether this press release is "For Immediate Release" (public information) or "Embargoed" (advance copy -- not for public view yet), it will let editors know the timeliness of your information and whether they can write about your company/product yet.

Put the press release on company letterhead; or identify the companyís address, phone and fax in the upper left-hand corner of the first page. This way, editors will always know which company issued the press release.

Put the most important information in the headline or at the very front of the release (i.e., Headline: "Company X Debuts Software that Runs Faster than the Speed of Light"). By doing this, you increase your chances of catching an editorís attention with a quick glance.

State the who, what, when, where and why of the press release up-front (in the first two paragraphs). Donít make editors search through the entire press release for the major points.

Reference your participation in the event in the body of the press release, as many journalists use this as a key search word.

Double-check that every fact is accurate and every name, title and product is spelled correctly. Your facts and information may appear in print, so it is imperative that this material be air-tight, to avoid any embarrassment. This can be accomplished by having an appropriate company executive approve the press release before it is made public.